I’m actually a little disappointed.  Toshiba is supposed to be a reliable computer manufacturer, and Windows 7 is supposed to be an actually good OS from Redmond.  However, my Toshiba laptop experienced four crashes and a failed right speaker in barely over six months, and now my brother’s Toshiba laptop is also working intermittently.  Honestly?  Oh, and here’s an amusing video I thought I’d share.

Link: Apple WWDC 2006-Windows Vista Copies Mac OS X
And another: Bill Gates – Windows 98 crash


Targeted Ads

I understand that companies want to focus their ads to consumers, but taking your search term and inserting it into a predetermined phrase is taking it a little too far.  There’s something about “Buy Atomic Bomb here today!  Free shipping!” that just doesn’t sound right.

Lost for Words

I’ll admit.  I have nothing to say today.  The postaday topic doesn’t help either, because I’ve never had a job interview.  I did upgrade to Snow Leopard from Tiger today.  Snow Leopard is beautiful.

Yea, so that’s about it.

Snow Leopard!

After six frustrating months of Windows 7 (3 crashes, 2 BSoDs), it will soon be over.  I’m switching back to a Mac (0 crashes in 4 years).  512 MB of RAM will be replaced with 2 GB, and Snow Leopard will be installed in my current Intel iMac.  Can’t wait.

No Pun Intended

It’s amazing how often this phrase is, consciously or not, used in a way opposite of its literal meaning.  Based on the frequency with which it is used*, when people say this, they intended to insert the pun (having not been able to resist the temptation), and add “no pun intended” both to avoid criticism at their crappy attempt at a joke and to point out the joke in case you missed it.

*It’s used way too often to be mere coincidence every time that a pun managed to somehow worm its way in.

Oh Humanity

It amazes me how much it takes to unite people in a single cause.  For example, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first manmade object to orbit the Earth, the United States panicked, fearing this showed Soviet military supremacy.  Around a decade later, Apollo 11 touched down on the moon, and US astronauts set foot on the Moon (to this day, only the Apollo program has been able to bring men to the Moon).  Do we really need to wait until we perceive imminent disaster to take action for the better?

The key in that last sentence was “we perceive.”  The imminent danger must be seen as an immediate threat.  For example, take global warming.  It’s in the back of our minds, but it may not appear as something that needs to be taken care of right away.  However, it is indeed a serious problem, and despite the efforts of a few people, we put it off until later.  According to some, if this problem is not corrected within 10 years, the damage will be irrevirsible.  It’s a shame that a little over a century of Industrial Revolution is capable of destroying millenia of progress on Earth, and indeed, Earth itself – the only celestial body found to date that supports life.

<Rant end>

Sorry peoples…

All posts not relating to postaday2011 have been deleted.  I’m starting clean.